Course Objectives

Outline for the year (note: some units begin in one quarter and end in the next):

Ecology (summer)

Animal Behavior & the Nature of Science
Biochemistry and Enzymes

Cellular Energetics - Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration
Cellular Biology (including transport)
Genetics (Molecular Genetics, Mendelian Inheritance, and Viruses)

Gene Regulation and Biotechnology
Break "Gap Topics"
Cell Cycle & Development

Cell Signaling, Regulation, and Dynamic Homeostasis
REVIEW: AP Test Preparation (Mr. Andersen's Last-Minute Review Videos Link here and Link here) (Online flashcards Link here) Saturday May 6th 2017, 3 PM, online streaming review session here.

Post-AP Exam: Bioethics and Societal Context
Juniors only: Independent project

Miscellaneous Links

Free Full Text Scientific Journal Articles - Textbooks are just broad summaries written about huge masses of scientific studies, but these are the actual studies themselves.
EurekAlert! News on new research findings from all the sciences, plus math, economics, and public policy studies.
Career Guide - Health and BioSciences
Careers in Science and Engineering Student Planning Guide
MIT Biology Open Courseware
Issues and Bioethics
Young Naturalist Awards (Essay based, $2000-$2500)
Scholarship Search (try keywords like "medicine," "biology," "genetics," "science," etc. to find financial support for students interested in a major or career in life sciences)