As this website takes place over the summer, please read the syllabus, course expectations, and the summer assignment information below.

Download the Summer Assignment:

Your Summer Assignment includes:
1. Read chapters 1 and 50-55 in Campbell's Biology, 6th ed.
2. (optional) As you read, complete the Summer Guided Reading worksheets. Answers may be typed or handwritten. Handwritten answers must be clearly legible. Download the worksheets here:
3. Complete any 3 AP Exam Essays (from the list of 5 in the Summer Assignment document you can download above). Essays should be less than a page typed, no formalities, just answer the question.
4. Complete the "Create Life WebQuest" Ecosystem Project (can be done in a small group of 2-3 students or alone). For the WebQuest, click here.

Any or all assignments can be handed in on the first day of class, or E-Mailed to me at at any point during the summer.

Good luck!